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Our Board of Advisors does not have any formal legal responsibilities. Rather, they have been convened by the organization to give advice and support for advancing our programs and outreach to the military and veteran communities.

THANK YOU to everyone one of our Advisors who give freely of their time and energy to support Military Musters. 



 Janey Harvey, ICF Master Certified Coach, and ICF Global Past President, has 30 years of experience as both a corporate and  entrepreneurial business executive.  As a leader, business owner, coach, mentor of coaches, and trainer of coaches, Janet was an early  adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace. Over the two decades, she has worked with global organizations and teams of leaders  within to establish a generative, resilient and high performance culture through a coaching approach to leading and managing success. 

Janet brings her executive and entrepreneurial experience as President for inviteCHANGE, dedicated to coach certification training and professional coaching services. Born and raised in mid-Western US, Harvey may be low key about her leadership successes, but her audiences and professional colleagues are not. People speak of her as bold, curious, provocative, challenging, yet respectful and compassionate in her leadership roles. 







 Sergeant Major (Ret) Anthony Peña
 Senior Military Advisor to Military Musters

 Sergeant Major (Ret) Anthony Peña is a native of Dallas, Texas and enlisted in the Army in July 1987 as  
a Combat Medic. Sergeant (Ret) Major Pena has served in many positions including Combat Medic with  the 7th Infantry Division (L), Squad Leader with the 1st Armored Division, Section NCO, Senior  Treatment  NCO, and Platoon Sergeant with the 1st Cavalry Division, Senior Drill Sergeant with Bco, 1st of the 46th Infantry, First Sergeant with A Company, MEDDAC and the First Sergeant of Cco, Medical Company, 15TH BSB, Fort Hood, Texas.

Before stepping down from active duty, with over twenty five years of service, Sergeant Major (Ret) Peña served as the senior enlisted advisor to the Director of the Directorate of Combat and Doctrine Development and some of his previous assignments have included Fort Knox, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Fort Hood, Macedonia, Fort Sam Houston, Germany and two tours in Iraq totalling over 26 months of leading Soldiers in Combat.

With an exemplary service record Sergeant Major (Ret) Peña has been the recipient of many awards and decorations, to include but not limited to the Distinguished Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal1OLC and the Meritorious Service Medal. Sergeant MajorPeña was inducted into the FORSCOM Sergeant Audie Murphy Club in March 1999 his leadership traits and also received The Military Medical Order of Merit (OM23) for his contributions to the Army Medical Department. He has been married to the former Elizabeth (Lisa) Ayala from Dallas, Texas for over 22 years. They have a beautiful daughter named MaRissa who is currently attending The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) as she earns her Masters in Social Work.

Sergeant Major (Ret) Peña's dedication to the military and veteran communities runs deep as he works directly with the Military Musters Executive Team to help expand their innovative support programs into the Texas community and beyond. Thank you for your service sir! 


Kim Taylor, Senior Advisor to Military Musters
Chinese Medicine Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Kim graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Biological Anthropology, and completed her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she is also currently working on her doctorate degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine. 

Currently Kim is in private practice in Encinitas, where she works side by side with medical doctors and treats a wide variety of health issues. She is also a clinical supervisor and adjunct professor of integrative oncology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and TCM program manager at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute. She has been newly appointed to the U.C. San Diego Integrative Medicine department, and is collaborating with other professionals to develop an integrative program at the UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center. Kim is working with the Association of Integrative Oncology and Chinese Medicine (AIOCM) to promote evidence based interventions and education. Kim is passionate about creating and facilitating opportunities for patient empowered health care.




Aubrey Kelly, Senior Advisor to Military Musters
CMT and Watsu Service Provider

With a background in environmental sciences and anthropology an emotional and physical injury led Aubrey to yoga, bodywork and dance. As a more expressive nature to her life began to emerge, so did Aubrey's fascination with healing modalities. After having studied throughout Hawaii, Thailand, Ghana, BC Canada, California, India and Florida Aubrey obtained her Masters degree in Chinese Medicine. While finishing her Masters in California Aubrey was introduced to and then became a WATSU service provider.



Dr. Abby Irwin, Snr. Advisor to Military Musters
Psychiatrist in Private Practice

Dr. Irwin has lived in various metropolitan cities, in the US and abroad, providing a unique exposure and understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds and religions. One of her overreaching interests as a psychiatrist is to provide greater acceptance, understanding and compassion towards those with emotional struggles. I have multiple focuses, such as the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADD, mood disorders, PTSD, difficult transitions, relationship issues, and mood/anxiety disorders. Abby accounts for medical health, the impact of cultural and religious identities, and works together with patients towards mutually-accepted goals. A fun fact about Abby - previously, she has founded and operated an organic kosher baking and professional chef company!




Craig Debban, Snr. Advisor to Military Musters
Global IT Director at International Decision Systems

Craig is known for his ability to identify issues, marshal resources and solve problems. A USMC veteran, Craig's endless energy and enthusiasm lends tremendous support to Military Musters as he joins the Technology Advisory Board as a strategist.  


Want to know more? Send mail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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